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You have to try these Vancouver hikes with jaw-dropping scenic payoffs

Because who doesn’t want a little reward after all that cardio?
Stawamus Chief

With our record breaking heatwave cooled and the city’s temperatures finally levelling out, it’s time again to safely go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. 

We are so fortunate that Vancouver has so many beautiful parks, beaches, forests and lakes - and nothing beats getting in touch with nature than a big, long, rewarding hike! 

With that in mind, here are our top three recommendations for Vancouver’s hikes with the biggest, best, and most Instagram-worthy scenic payoffs. 

Don’t forget to dress comfortably, wear sunscreen and bring lots of water and snacks to stay energized on your journey all the way to the top.


Yes, spoiler alert, our first recommendation is not located in Vancouver, but in nearby Squamish. 

Be forewarned that hiking the Chief is far from a walk in the park. You’ll find elevations so steep that chains, ladders and ropes are there to help guide you up to your next plateau. But, don’t let that dissuade you. The views from any of the Chief’s 3 peaks are spectacular and totally worth the trek. 

While you’re resting and taking in the panoramic views of Howe Sound and Garibaldi Provincial Park, don’t forget to fuel up with water and a protein-filled snack like Jack Links original all beef sticks to power you down the mountain.

Lighthouse Park. Photo: Getty Images. 


For something on the less strenuous side, Lighthouse Park is considered a breeze compared to the Chief.  

Located in West Van, Lighthouse Park has lots of different trails to explore. And the best part - continue down all the divergent paths under the thick canopy of trees to emerge at the beautiful oceans’ edge - stand on the rocky beach and take in the stunning view, including an over century’s old Lighthouse! 

Lynn Canyon Park. Photo: Samuel Werstak / Unsplash 


For something right in the middle intensity-wise, check out Lynn Canyon Park in North Van.  

The biggest scenic payoff is perhaps the easiest to achieve - with the impressive views from the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge being only steps from the parking lot. But don’t stop there! There’s so much more beauty in this park that you’d regret not exploring. 

Whether you’re doing an all day expedition or a short and simple trek, a scenic view is hardly a pay off if you’re exhausted, dehydrated and hangry!  


Jack Link’s all beef sticks are the perfect trail companion, providing tons of energy and flavour. If the original all beef version isn’t enough, you can also try the Wild Heat version for some extra kick.  

And, with their convenient resealable pack, you can bring just enough beef sticks for yourself, or, the original all-beef stick 8-pack which is enough to share with friends (if they’re lucky). 

For more information about how to fuel your next hike, visit