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Give High Fives for Health Care in support of B.C.’s most urgent health care needs

Our local health-care workers care for our entire community. Show them you care for them today by joining VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation’s High Fives for Health Care initiative.
High Fives-Lizz Moffat, foundation staff
Give High Fives for Health Care!

Support the health of our local community by giving high fives to our health-care heroes in B.C.

High Fives for Health Care is an initiative by VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation to spread gratitude while raising vital funds for our B.C. health care system. 

Our local health-care workers have been there for us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and they will continue to provide world-class care throughout our lives. 

In order to be there when we need them, these medical teams need to be equipped with the best tools, technology, and the latest medical knowledge and research. And you can help provide that. 

You can get involved by joining the #HealthCareHighFive challenge online. Donate your chosen denomination of $5 and post a photo or video on social media of the most creative (and COVID-19 friendly) high five you can think of. Use the hashtag and spread the word by tagging five of your friends to do the same. 

When you make a donation, you can submit a message to our B.C. health care heroes — the people on the front lines of our health care system, providing essential care to patients in hospitals, health care centres, and in the community — to amplify your gratitude.

Photo: VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

All donations will support B.C. health care through VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation in their mission to transform health care and save lives. 

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is the primary philanthropic partner of Vancouver Coastal Health, providing vital funding to VGH and UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and community health centres.  

By recruiting world-class medical professionals and equipping them with the tools and technology to do their work, the foundation is improving the health of our communities and saving lives across the province. 

Funds raised through High Fives for Health Care will support the Most Urgent Needs fund, which provides flexible funding to support health-care workers, purchases vital equipment, and fund innovative research projects. 

Your donation will support the most urgent needs of our health care system and the medical teams who save lives every day. 

Health care workers care for our entire community, so show them you care for them by giving them a High Five!

For more info on High Fives for Health Care, visit