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Canada’s Waterfall Park is only a 5 hour drive from Vancouver

With over 40 named falls in the area, Wells Gray is home to dozens of Canada’s most breathtaking waterfalls. You can experience them all and more from Wells Gray Provincial Park.
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Spahats Falls enters the Clearwater River in Wells Gray Provincial Park.

In the heart of the world's only Inland temperate rainforest, you can experience adventure like no other set against the pristine turquoise waters and fjords of one of B.C.'s largest protected areas.

Welcome to Wells Gray, accessible from the town of Clearwater.

In Wells Gray Provincial Park, and beyond, you can hike through ancient forests, pioneer ruins, and see 40+ waterfalls, including Canada’s 4th highest waterfall, Helmcken Falls; a 141 m waterfall situated on the scenic Murtle River. This plunging punchbowl-style waterfall measures in at an incredible 463 ft (141m), pouring into a massive natural bowl shaped by over 200,000 years of volcanic eruptions, flooding, and freezing, resulting in a truly miraculous natural wonder.

Helmcken Falls can be accessed by a number of hikes and trails which range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. It can also be accessed more easily by car, which leads to a viewing platform on the rim of the canyon, offering jaw-dropping panoramic views of the entire falls.

Dawson Falls, Photo: Johnny Bierman

While Helmcken Falls is considered the crown jewel of Wells Gray to many, it’s certainly not the only waterfall you should make an effort to see. Dawson Falls, Moul Falls, Spahats Creek Falls (pictured above), Triple Decker Falls, Candle Creek Falls, Silvertip Falls, Rainbow Falls, Sylvia, and Goodwin Falls, all offer their own unique experience of the area’s sprawling 5,250 square kilometers of otherworldly alpine wilderness.

You can read more about the top waterfalls to visit in Wells Gray HERE.

In addition to its 41 waterfalls, you can also find old-growth inland rainforest, soaring mountain peaks, backcountry skiing, and some of Canada’s fiercest rapids in Wells Gray. Here’s what else you should experience while you’re there.

Hiking through Wells Gray, Photo: Johnny Bierman

Rife with all sorts of wildlife, Wells Gray just begs to be explored on two feet with a backpack and camera in hand. 

From a simple stroll along the Clearwater or Murtle Rivers to multi-day treks high above the alpine, Wells Gray is a hiker’s haven!

You can access many trails right from the Park Corridor and with a path for every level of hiker. Popular trails include those that lead to Majerus Homestead; an abandoned pioneer home that has since been abandoned and reclaimed by the forest, as well as Trophy Mountain; a 45-minute hike through an interior old-growth rainforest of fragrant spruce and subalpine fir. In the Fall, watch the salmon jump at Bailey’s Chute or see the red Kokanee swim at Dutch Lake, set among the stunning backdrop of Fall colours.

There’s much more than hiking to do as well, Wells Gray offers visitors boat tours, whitewater rafting, golf, horseback riding, fishing, winter sports, and even tandem paragliding. You can view a full list of local activities HERE.

Photo: Dutch Lake Resort

While Wells Gray is only a short drive from Vancouver, there are so many things to do and sights to see, it’s worth spending the weekend. 

Fortunately, the area is home to a vast array of accommodations, ranging from glamping-style rustic cabins to RV parks and luxury resorts. Popular places to stay include Cedar Haven Cabins & Resort, Dutch Lake Resort, Moul Creek B&B, Wells Gray Guest Ranch. You can view a full list of local accommodations HERE.

Born from volcanoes and carved by glaciers, Wells Gray is home to one of the most unique landscapes in all of B.C. Located in east-central British Columbia, just five hours from Vancouver, you can experience terrain like literally nowhere else in the world, without going far from home.

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