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Photos: This bright turquoise B.C. lake has 'Caribbean-ish islands in the middle of nowhere'

This surreal-looking spot wows visitors with its otherwordly beauty.
B.C.'s Boya Lake stuns visitors with its blue-green water, which appears in a variety of hues depending on the water's depth.

One of B.C.'s most mesmerizing lakes may take a while to drive to -- but it's well worth the visit. 

Located near the B.C./Yukon border, Boya Lake stuns visitors with its striking blue-green water, which appears in a variety of hues depending on the depth of the water. There are several small island formations throughout the lake and the water surrounding them has a light-teal colour that transitions into a deeper blue. 

The lake's bottom is "composed of marl, a mixture of silt and shell fragments" that reflects the light and creates aquamarine hues. It is one of the only lakes in Northern B.C. that is warm enough for swimming, according to BC Parks. 

Beavers are often spotted swimming in the lake and there are ample wildlife viewing opportunities on trails in the area. 

Carved out by glaciers 20,000 years ago, Tā Ch’ilā Park (Boya Lake Park) is situated on the Liard Plain and "is characterized by long ridges, or eskers, and elongated hills, or drumlins," says BC Parks.

"There is a 2 km access road east of Highway #37 that leads into the park. It is located about 150km north of the town of Dease Lake, and about 285km north of Kinaskan Lake Park."

BC Parks suggests a couple of trails in the park that are suitable for seniors and kids. 

  • Lakeshore Trail: 1.5 km long trail that leaves from the north end of the campground.
  • Beaver Lodge Trail: 1.5 km trail that leaves from the south end of the park, near the boat launch.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the park. Campsite reservations are accepted and first-come, first-served sites are also available. 

One visitor commented on Instagram that the park is a "surreal landscape" where visitors will find "Caribbean-ish islands in the middle of nowhere."  

Have a look at some photos and videos of this awe-inspiring oasis on social media. 


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