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Here are the 5 cheapest sun destinations to visit from Vancouver

We've rounded up the cheapest destinations for Vancouverites to visit this year that won't break the bank. 
Photo: Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation/ Shutterstock

Dreaming of staying a short stroll from a glistening white sand beach and awe-inspiring turquoise waters?

Sun destinations offer the perfect way to escape and get some much needed rest and relaxation. However, a number of highly sought-after locations cost a pretty penny to fly to. With this in mind, we've rounded up the cheapest destinations for Vancouverites to visit this year that won't break the bank. 

Have a look at our cost-effective sunny selections to fly to from Vancouver. 

Los Angeles

los-angeles-beachPhoto: Los Angeles / Shutterstock

Los Angeles has an endless number of exciting attractions as well as the vibrant nightlife, decadent eateries, trendy shops, and much more. From the Hollywood Hills to beautiful, sandy beaches, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Los Angeles is best enjoyed by car, and therefore it is a good idea to rent one while staying in the city. What’s more, it is important to chose a hotel or alternative accommodation in advance. Many of these places fill up well before travel, and you’ll want to chose an area that is suitable to the type of experience you wish to enjoy. A return tickets to the 'city of angels' can cost under $250 CAD including all taxes and fees, too.

Puerto Vallarta

puerto-vallartaPhoto: Puerto Vallarta / Shutterstock

World-famous tequila, delectable Mexican cuisine, beautiful beaches, and beaming sunshine are just a few of the reasons why people visit Puerto Vallarta. And, while it can be fun just to kick and back and relax at a resort, this beautiful city is a great place to stay in. What’s more, there are a number of ancient ruins nearby that are fascinating to explore. A return ticket may cost as little as $367 CAD including tax.


mickey-mousePhoto: Mickey Mouse / Pixabay

Of course, it goes without saying that one of the biggest draws to Orlando is Walt Disney World. With that being said, this beautiful city is also home to a litany of other fun attractions, entertainment, dining, shopping, and more. Further, the weather is quite toasty throughout the year, which makes for the ideal escape from raincouver. A return ticket may cost as little as $350 CAD including tax.

Tip: If you’re looking to visit the park, ensure that you reserve a hotel on the park grounds. Otherwise, you’ll have an extremely difficult time seeing everything – it is enormous. Also, make sure that you book it ahead of time as the happiest place on earth is extremely busy the whole year round.


miami-beachPhoto: Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation/ Shutterstock

Will Smith named a song after it, and once you stroll along South Beach, you'll understand why. This beautiful place is home to delicious eateries, breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, and world-class shopping. There are a number of really posh accommodations in this area that cost a great deal of money. However, plenty of the art deco hotels are offered at a reasonable cost if you book a couple of months in advance. What's more, a return-ticket from Vancouver will cost you as little as $399 CAD including tax.

Las Vegas

las-vegas-twilightPhoto: Las Vegas ariel view / Shutterstock

While it can be fun to explore the famous Las Vegas Strip after nightfall, there are still a number of fun things to do during the day. For example, there are a plethora of fun pool parties to attend, as well as places to shop, dine, and enjoy beverages.

In addition, Las Vegas offers some of the best entertainment in the world every night of the week. Whether you are looking to see a musical, a magic show, a band, or a DJ, Vegas has it all. The city also offers a number of fun things to try just outside of the strip that include everything from the Grand Canyon to Old Las Vegas to ghost towns. A return ticket may cost as little as $208 CAD including tax with Swoop airlines. However, a package including hotel and flights can cost under $300 CAD return for four nights, which makes Las Vegas one of the cheapest destinations to visit.