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What flights are cheaper from Seattle or Bellingham than Vancouver?

People who don't drive can take a train or bus to the Washington airports.

Travellers heading to several key destinations worldwide may want to check airports across the border for cheaper options. 

Bellingham International Airport (BLI) and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) each involve a drive across the Canada-U.S. border but may reduce the cost of return tickets by upwards of $100. Depending on your travel dates, the savings could be several hundred less than from Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

People who don't drive can take a train or bus to SeaTac airport.

Here are a few options that regularly cost less flying from airports in Washington.

Las Vegas 

Travellers looking for a cheap, last-minute trip to the City of Sin should book tickets at an airport south of the border. 

While Flair Airlines offers return trips to Las Vegas from YVR for as little as $160 in October (see slide two), prices from the Lower Mainland cost significantly more over the summer. Prices for round-trip flights start at $250 to $350 from June through September. 

Flights from BLI cost over $100 less than the cheapest tickets from YVR in June. For example, a flight departing Bellingham on June 15 that returns on June 21 costs $122 with Allegiant (see slide three).

While Bellingham has the lion's share of low-cost options, Seattle has a couple of cheaper dates. A flight departing on June 8 and returning on June 12 with Spirit Airlines costs $98 (see slide four).


Vancouverites planning to travel to the Windy City can shave over $150 off the ticket price by driving to Seattle. 

Flights departing from YVR typically start at close to or just over $400 for a return trip. For example, a flight that departs on June 6 and returns on June 20 costs $394 (see slide five). 

Flights from Seattle to Chicago start at under $250 for a return trip on multiple dates in May. A flight that departs on June 11 and returns on June 18 costs $223 (see slide six). 


Travellers can also save upwards of $100 flying from Seattle to London. 

The cheapest flights to London from Vancouver start upwards of $900 return. For instance, a flight that departs Vancouver on Oct. 10 and returns from London on Oct. 17 costs $920 (see slide seven).

A flight from Seattle that departs on Oct. 1 and returns from Vancouver on Oct. 8 costs $716 (see slide eight). 

The Vancouver and Seattle flight itineraries each include one stopover. 

Los Angeles

The flight from Vancouver to L.A. is the cheapest route from YVR south of the border. However, it is still more affordable for travellers to fly from Seattle. 

The cheapest flights from Vancouver start close to $150 for a round-trip option. A trip that departs YVR on Sept. 10 and returns from LAX on Sept. 17 costs $146 with Flair Airlines (see slide nine).

From Seattle, a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles from Sept. 11 to Sept. 18 costs $84 (see slide 10). 

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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