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This breathtaking B.C. park has a network of caves and pools of clear green water

Get tips and ideas for visiting this breathtaking B.C. gem.

Metro Vancouverites looking for a weekend getaway close to home can explore a network of ancient caves with pools of clear green water. 

Little Huson Caves Regional Park on Vancouver Island has limestone and rock arch formations and deep pools of water that flow in from nearby Huson Lake. 

The District of Mount Waddington Parks says visitors can journey through 15 caves without special equipment. It is an ideal place for the "inexperienced caver" since the caves don't have delicate features that could be carelessly destroyed and considered a "family-friendly" hike.

Visitors enjoy a short stroll through the woods to access a viewing platform that overlooks a rock bridge and deep pools of water. They can also walk a trail to see "magnificent limestone arches and rock platforms" beyond the caves (see slide two).

While people can visit the caves year-round, they are best enjoyed during the warmer months when you can enjoy wading through the cool waters. 

How do I get to Little Huson Caves Regional Park? 

The park is located in the Regional District of Mount Waddington on the Vancouver Island. Travellers from Vancouver must take a ferry or plane. 

Travellers can take the bus or drive to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in West Vancouver or the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and sail with BC Ferries to Nanaimo. The drive from Nanaimo to Little Huson caves is roughly three-and-a-half hours long (see slide four).

Flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Port Hardy Airport (YZT) are just over an hour direct and start at $350 for return trips (see slide five). Little Huson Caves is about an hour's drive from Port Hardy.

According to Mount Waddington's Little Huson brochure, visitors can access the caves via a 20-minute drive off the highway. They are located in the Nimpkish Valley and are part of the Quatsino formation running through a long stretch of Northern Vancouver Island.

Other attractions to enjoy close to Little Huson 

Visitors may also access other caves in the area, including the Benson Lake system, the Vanishing River and the Eternal Fountain. They can get maps from logging companies or the Ministry of Forestry office in Port McNeill.

On the way to the caves, visitors will spot a road sign pointing to the old mining town of Zeballos. The historic area is popular for salmon fishing, hiking kayaking, and nature tours. 

Atluck Lake is about a 25-minute drive from Little Huson and provides an ideal place to cool off during the summer or go for a paddle.

Adventure-seekers can also visit the Fair Harbour Marina and Campground, located about two hours from the caves. It is considered the "gateway to the West Coast" and offers numerous things to do, including a variety of watersports off the rugged B.C. coast

Important considerations 

Wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting dirty if you plan to explore low-lying rock formations. The water can get high depending on the time of year. It is also recommended to bring a flashlight as some areas get quite dark. 

Bring any garbage or food items with you after your visit. 


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