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You should visit this BC kangaroo farm

It's been a great summer of travel for my family in our Highlander Hybrid .

It's been a great summer of travel for my family in our Highlander Hybrid. From catching salmon in Squamish to staying in a Parks Canada oTentik in Langley to running down trails in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, we've really been racking up the kilometres.

We recently drove up to the Okanagan to visit relatives and stumbled across a place called Kangaroo Creek Farm in Lake Country, just outside of Kelowna. It's exactly as it sounds (it's a kangaroo farm) except it offered much more than we had expected. Having never even heard of the place, to be honest we didn't expect much.

Now, what we did expect was to see some kangaroos and their relatives, wallaroos and wallabys. The property is a few acres in size and you're encouraged to pet most of the animals, with special instruction not to touch these ones on their heads.

What we didn't expect was that we'd be able to stand in line (unfortunately a very long line) to hold their babies!

We also didn't expect to meet capybaras. Large rodents that are native to South America, they're super friendly and are just walking around inside the gates, rubbing up against people.

They also like to swim, leading to many folks to exclaim "Look at the big beavers!".

Like many other BC farms, the standard fare can be seen as well; chickens, goats, emus potbellied pigs and the like.

And unlike most attractions in and around the city, there's a ton of free parking available right across the street.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody visiting the area. The craziest thing is that most of the animals are just roaming free where you're walking, and you can interact with them as you please.

Strangely it's a cash only operation, but at $10 for adults and $5 for kids it's a bargain. Learn more about it HERE, and check out more road trip suggestion in the On The Road archives HERE.