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Travel advisory: Canada warns of terrorist threat in Paris

Officials ask travellers be aware of their surroundings in public places before and after the Olympics.
Travellers who plan to travel from Vancouver to France for the Paris Olympics should consider the threat of terrorism.

The Canadian government is warning travellers visiting France this summer of an increased risk of terrorism

Scores of locals plan to visit Paris in July for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Flights from Vancouver to Paris start at just $394 for a one-way ticket.

But "several opportunistic and premeditated attacks" have occurred in France over the past years, causing deaths and injuries. The government advises that "further attacks are likely."

On March 24, the French Prime Minister raised the security threat level within the “Vigipirate” plan to “urgence attentat” (“attack emergency”), which is the highest level in the Vigipirate plan. The government raised the level following a terrorist attack in Moscow claimed by the Islamic State.

The Canadian government advises tourists to be aware of their surroundings in public places and "be particularly alert during public gatherings and demonstrations," including during the Olympics from July 26 to Aug. 11.

Public events commenced on May 8 and will continue through the Games and during the Paralympic Games from Aug. 28 to Sept. 8.

What to consider if you plan to visit France this summer

If you are in France:

  • expect enhanced security measures and an increased police presence at the border and in public places
  • monitor local media for the most recent information
  • follow the instructions of local authorities

During the Olympic Games, especially in Paris, you should expect:

  • an increased presence of security forces
  • major disruptions to traffic and movement
  • large crowds and public gatherings

Since October 2023, multiple bomb threats have been sent to public places across France.

Bomb threats and hoaxes can target any location, including:

  • tourist areas
  • shopping centres
  • transportation hubs
  • government facilities
  • schools
  • religious institutions

If you are in an area targeted by a bomb threat, follow the instructions of local authorities.

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