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This jaw-dropping spot is known as the 'Little Hawaii' of B.C. These pictures show why

While it doesn't have palm trees, the aquamarine waters are perfect for a summer splash.
Tribune Bay Provincial Park is famous for its white sand beach on Hornby Island and is called the "Little Hawaii" of B.C.

If you've been hoping to splash around in some aquamarine waters without hopping on a flight, there is a cruise that departs from Vancouver and visits the Hawaiian Islands

But if you aren't looking to fork out the cash to hit the high seas, there is a not-so-secret B.C. shore with awe-inspiring aqua-hued waters. 

Tribune Bay Provincial Park is famous for its paradisiacal coastline, which offers a long stretch of soft, white sand beach that meets shallow, positively jewel-toned waters. It is also considered to be one of the warmest saltwater swimming areas in the province, according to the B.C. government.

And while you won't spot any palm trees or coconuts in the charming oceanside oasis, the area experiences near-tropical temperatures during the summer months. During the springtime, visitors will be treated to an array of colourful wildflowers. 

The picturesque bay is located off the B.C. coast on Hornby Island, which is home to a renowned community of artists, lush forests, a network of mountain biking trails, a vibrant downtown core, and plenty of places to camp. Locals are also famous for their warm, welcoming nature, as well as their love of the natural world.

To get to Hornby, Metro Vancouverites can travel by ferry or plane. By ferry, locals will need to take a BC Ferries sailing from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Departure Bay in Nanaimo and then drive an hour north up the east coast of Vancouver Island to the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. From here, they need to take a ferry to Denman Island and then drive across Denman Island on the main road to the Hornby Island terminal for the final ferry of the trip. 

To avoid the triple ferry voyage, travellers can fly via Air Canada, WestJet, or Pacific Coastal Airlines. Alternatively, Gulf Island Seaplanes flies directly from the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

Travel to the "Little Hawaii" of B.C. from Metro Vancouver 

Have a look at some pictures of the breathtaking Tribune Bay shore.