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Sail from Los Angeles on one of the largest cruise ships to visit Vancouver at a steal

It has the "largest race track at sea" and a spiraling waterslide on its massive upper deck.
Norwegian Cruise Line's huge Norwegian Bliss has a winding, massive go-kart track and a spiral water slide that triumphantly towers skyward from its impressive upper deck. The vessel will bring passengers from Los Angeles to Vancouver in 2023.

Locals looking to sail into Vancouver on a "mega-ship" have slim pickings in the not-so-distant future. 

While some towering behemoths have cruised into Vancouver, some ships simply can't fit under the Lions Gate Bridge during regular or high tide, such as Royal Caribbean International's (RCI) newly announced Icon of the Seas, which is now the largest ship at sea.

In 2018, Norwegian Cruise Line's (NCL) Norwegian Bliss carried over 4,000 passengers into Canada Place terminal, which made it the largest cruise ship to ever dock in Vancouver at the time.

Since the Lions Gate Bridge has a low clearance, the mighty ship can only reach Vancouver during low tide -- but it is absolutely worth checking out when it does. Only a handful of these mighty vessels make it under the bridge.

Not only does the Bliss have a winding, massive go-kart track, but it also has a spiral water slide that triumphantly towers skyward from its impressive upper deck. 

NCL is a favourite among cruisers who enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere on board, without sacrificing quality and style. There's no dress code or scheduled dining times but guests can still enjoy elegant dinners in specialty restaurants onboard.

NCL also offers world-class entertainment, luxurious spa facilities, and areas designated for kids and teens. 

On the Norwegian Bliss, families will find no shortage of activities to keep their young ones entertained, as the statuesque vessel boasts an impressive resume of games, sports facilities, and other amenities. For example, the ship holds the record for the "longest race track at sea" and offers other fun, specialty activities such as laser tag and a mini-golf course. 

The five-day Pacific Coastal sailing departs out of Los Angeles on Sunday, Apr. 9, and spends two days at sea before it sails into Victoria on Wednesday, Apr. 12. The ship overnights in Vancouver from April. 13 to April 14, which means you'll get to enjoy the ship's offerings and cuisine for a full 24 hours at home before you disembark. 

Date Port Arrive Depart
Sunday, April 9 Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA   4:00pm
Monday, April 10 At Sea    
Tuesday, April 11 At Sea    
Wednesday, April 12 Victoria, B.C., Canada 8:00am 8:00pm
Thursday, April 13 Vancouver, B.C., Canada 8:00am  
Friday, April 14 Vancouver, B.C., Canada Disembark
Photo via Norwegian Cruise Line/Facebook

Cruise from Los Angeles to Vancouver with Norwegian Cruise Line

The total for two guests in an interior stateroom works out to $1,459 including all taxes and fees, which works out to $729.50.58  per person. Since the cruise is six days long, this works out to a per diem cost of $121.58. 

The cruise line is also offering four free offers for its "Free at Sea" promotion for the next booking class up. The offer includes the unlimited open bar perk, which means you can enjoy all the spirits and cocktails, wines, draft beer, juice, and pop for all guests 21 years or older (valued at US$1,400).

The promotion also includes free meals at the specialty dining for guests one and two, as well as a WIFI package (valued at US$130). NCL also includes US$50 per excursion per stateroom. 

For folks who haven't cruised, the WIFI packages can work out to be quick a bit of money. If you plan on checking emails, logging into social media, or surfing the web on board, you'll need the WIFI package. If you plan on having drinks, they are not regularly included on almost any regular cruise line and end up being quite expensive. 

While you don't have to pack for the drink or specialty dining packages, you must pay for gratuities. Included in the stateroom total are the open bar gratuities (C$297 ) as well as the ones for specialty dining (C$27.24). 

The package with the "Free at Sea" promotion costs C$1,495.12 including all taxes and fees for two guests in an interior stateroom works out. This price works out to C$747.56 per person or a per diem cost of C$124.59.

Photo via Norwegian Cruise Line

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