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Canadians can now visit the 'Paris of South America' at a steal. Here's why

This city is the birthplace of the tango.
Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and you can visit it at a steal thanks to a tourism change.

Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris of South America" — and for good reason. 

The sprawling metropolis features neoclassical architecture that gives it a markedly European feel, with the stunning Plaza de Mayo situated in the heart of the downtown core. 

With a vibrant arts scene, exciting nightlife, expansive parks, and friendly locals, there are endless things to enjoy in this stunning city. In total, it boasts nearly 300 theatres, 380 bookstores, and 160 museums. 

Buenos Aires is also the birthplace of one of the world's most romantic dances: the tango. Tourists flock to the city to enjoy enticing dinner/dancing shows and try their hand at the passionate dance themselves. 

Now, Canadians looking to explore Argentina's capital city can take advantage of a special exchange rate for tourists — and it won't involve exchanging money at illegal offices. 

To increase tourism, the Argentinian government has implemented a new exchange rate to help cut the cost of travelling to the South American country.

Now, tourists can sell their money in Argentina at a significantly higher exchange rate. The central bank will allow them to sell dollars at the financial markets rate, known as MEP.

Prior to the changes, tourists in Argentina were only able to save money by exchanging their currency at unofficial offices where the currency is often referred to as the "blue dollar."

Visitors would only be able to get a decent exchange rate on the black market for cash dollars. Now, they can withdraw money using debit and credit cards from banks and receive a similar exchange rate.

In other words, tourists won't be in for a shock when they try to take out cash at an ATM and see a strikingly high fee — and they don't have to navigate the black market. 

Last week, "one dollar was officially worth 157 Argentine pesos. But in the unofficial market, commonly referred to as the “blue dollar,” it could be worth as much as 285 pesos. And in the system that will now be used by credit card operators it was at 292," according to ABC News. 

Flights to Vancouver from Buenos Aires 

Tickets to the popular South American destination typically start around $1,200 to $1,300 for return trips from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) with two stops.  

Photo via Google Flights/Air Canada

For a fight with only one stop, travellers can expect to pay a few hundred dollars more, with tickets starting at around $1,800. 

Photo via Google Flights/American Airlines

Travel to Argentina from Canada 

Currently, Canada does not have a travel advisory for travellers to Argentina. But it does have regional high-risk regional advisories for Buenos Aires and Mendoza due to petty crime and muggings.

Additionally, there is a high-risk warning for travellers to Rosario due to "drug-related crime and violence."

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