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This map shows the cheapest cities to fly to from Vancouver based on your tax return

Find out how to score a cheap flight from YVR without spending more than your tax return.
Find out the cheapest Vancouver flights to take from YVR based on your 2023 tax return.

A handy travel tool allows Vancouverites to find out what destination they can visit with the money they get back on their tax return. 

Canadians must have their taxes filed by May 1, despite the massive strike affecting nearly a third of the country's federal workers

Travel search engine Kayak Canada says it found that one in nine Canadians plans to spend their tax return on a trip. To guide people toward their next destination, it created a calculator that determines what cities Canadians can visit based on the amount of money they will get back from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Travellers departing from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will find some of the cheapest spots south of the border, although the travel company identified one Mexican hot spot as a low-cost option. 

The cheapest option for Vancouverites is Los Angeles, with tickets for return airfare listed for $205. It should be noted, however, that round-trip tickets to California's biggest cities may actually cost less than this. V.I.A. identified five of the cheapest U.S. cities to visit from YVR in a recent round-up, with tickets to L.A. selling for as little as $166.43 including all taxes and fees. Google Flights is also a helpful tool to gauge what dates offer the lowest-cost options. 

Kayak has also included the following destinations as the cheapest options from Vancouver: Las Vegas at $247, New York for $480, Honolulu for $496, and Cancún for $520. 

To use the Tax Refund Trip Calculator, simply plug in your estimated tax refund, and destinations within your budget will appear. 

Photo via Kayak Canada 

Important considerations with the Mexico travel advisory

The United States is warning travellers to completely avoid travel to six Mexican states due to increasing violent crime and kidnapping.

While the Canadian government hasn't instated a "do not travel" warning, it advises tourists to avoid "all non-essential travel" to 13 areas across the country due to violence and organized crime. 

Find out more information about the Mexico travel advisory.