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Hot deal: You can fly from Vancouver to London, England for just $261

Some tickets are over $300 cheaper than usual.
Locals can fly from Vancouver to London, England at a steal in 2024 with WestJet from YVR airport, according to Google Flights.

Tickets for cheap flights from Vancouver to London, England are still available - but there are only a few dates available with ultra-low-cost prices. 

Travellers have been able to take advantage of jaw-dropping deals to hot international destinations, including Paris, FranceDublin, Ireland, and Tokyo, Japan over the winter months.

But there are fewer deals available heading into the second month of 2024. 

England's capital city draws tourists in droves, offering a bounty of coveted attractions, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the National Gallery, as well as expansive shopping options, a vibrant nightlife scene, and much more.

While there are still some one-way flights from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) for under $300, there are only a couple of options available in February. Heading into March, ticket prices rise dramatically, climbing by $200 for the cheapest options.

The Google Flights price calendar shows a handful of tickets from YVR to LHR for under $300 in February, although some of them involve a couple of stopovers.

There are a couple of options with only one stopover. A one-way option on Wednesday, Feb. 28 only has one stop in Calgary for four hours and costs $261 including all taxes. However, the ticket must be booked through, a third-party supplier, to get the low-cost offer. Otherwise, the ticket will cost $282 with WestJet directly. 

Photo: Google Flights/WestJet

Round-trip flights from Vancouver to London, England

Travellers looking to book return trips from YVR to LHR won't find a flight home with the ultra-low-cost price point. Flights from YVR to LHR can cost under $300 right now but the return option tends to cost a couple of hundred dollars more. As such, the one-way option works best for travellers who want to start their journey and fly home from another city, such as Dublin, Paris, or Amsterdam. 

If you prefer to stay in the English capital, some options sneak just over the $700 mark. A flight that departs YVR on Wednesday, Feb. 28, and returns on Wednesday, March 13 costs $708 including tax. 

These prices are over $300 cheaper than the cost of a regular ticket, according to Google Flights.

Photo: Google Flights/WestJet