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'Gnarly looking': Traveller shares photos of ceiling that YVR hasn't fixed for 4 years

The airport was aware of the issue years ago and said they would address it.
A traveller who visited Vancouver International Airport four years ago photographed an issue in the U.S. security lineup and it remains unchanged in 2023.

B.C.'s largest airport has had some significant upgrades over the past few years, including its multi-million Pier D expansion that included the addition of a breathtaking "glassed-in island forest."

And while the airport undergoes regular maintenance on its existing infrastructure, it appears that at least one area has been overlooked. 

A traveller who visited Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in June 2019 said a part of the ceiling in the U.S. security lineup was looking "pretty gnarly looking" and that it had looked that way since their previous visit in September 2018.

The Vancouverite shared an image of the ceiling on Twitter, remarking that someone should clean the dirty, stained ceiling panels as soon as possible. 

YVR weighs in on the "gnarly looking" ceiling  

In February 2020, YVR responded in a tweet, apologizing for "the poor impression" the passenger had received and thanking them for bringing the ceiling issue to the team's attention.

"I will dispatch our maintenance department to take a look," the airport stated.

But the traveller captured another image of the same area ahead of the May long weekend, on Thursday, May 18, which shows the damage had not been repaired.  

"YVR airport it's been [four] years and [it] has gotten worse," they wrote in a tweet. 

The airport responded in another tweet Thursday, again thanking the traveller and promising to address it.

"We will for sure put it in front of the right people to address it. Appreciate you holding us accountable," YVR wrote.

The YVR Airport Authority told V.I.A. that its maintenance team is aware of the issue and working on a swift repair. 

Another traveller recorded a video of a separate issue at the airport over the weekend. They spotted a mouse running frantically around a Starbucks, drawing the attention of passersby. 

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