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Everything you need to know about getting to or parking at the Vancouver airport

Find out how to save money and/or time.

Travellers looking to save money on parking at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) may want to consider a few things. 

There are a few different options available for air passengers looking to take advantage of long-term parking at YVR. All of them are priced based on convenience, meaning the faster you can get to the terminal from your car, the higher the cost of keeping your vehicle at the airport. 

There are also alternative options if you want to leave your vehicle at home — or if you simply don't own one. 

Have a look at some of the options for getting to the airport, including the YVR parking rates.


Travellers can take a taxi to the airport from their homes and expect to pay a standard rate. Leaving the airport, however, they may pay a flat rate based on the "zone" that they are going to.

According to YVR, zone fares apply to specified routes from the airport. For trips that fall outside of these specified areas, traditional metered rates will apply.

Some things to keep in mind about "zone" rates:

  • If two or more passengers are going to different addresses in a zone, the zone rate applies until the first passenger(s) disembark
  • The meter rate applies to the transport of the other passenger(s)
  • The meter may only be engaged when the taxi starts moving towards the second destination
  • Rates do not include gratuities

The taxi stands are located on Level 2 of the Domestic and International Arrivals Area at YVR.

Feeling fancy? You can also book a luxury sedan, stretch SUV, or limo to take you home from a holiday.

Ride App Services at YVR

Lyft, Uber, and KABU are authorized providers of Ride App services at YVR. You must download the app of any of the providers to request a ride. You can get picked up at one of the following designated pickup spots: 

  • International Arrivals, Level 2
  • Domestic Arrivals, Level 2
  • South Terminal  

Unlike a taxi, ride app services do not use a flat rate or even a metered rate. They are based on the availability of drivers in the area and may vary dramatically as a result.

Public transportation

Vancouverites can travel from the heart of downtown to the airport on the Canada Line in under half an hour. There are 16 stops along the way and the train takes passengers right to the airport. 

The elevator from the train brings travellers right between the International and Domestic Terminals. Simply turn left for flights within Canada and right for everything else. 

All transit users travelling on the Canada Line leaving YVR are subject to a $5 Canada Line YVR AddFare, in addition to the regular zone fare. AddFare is automatically added when a user purchases a fare ticket.

YVR Parking

Travellers who prefer to park their cars at the airport have a handful of options.

The parkade is the most expensive but most convenient option since it is attached to the airport (a one- to five-minute walk). However, you can only book a maximum of five days in the parkade. The first level only provides hourly parking with a four-hour maximum. The price works out to $5 for half an hour, $10 for an hour, or $36.75 per day. 

The JetSet YVR Parking is the next most convenient option with a free valet service, but you will have to take a free shuttle from the car drop-off to the airport. Prices for the lot vary based on availability. 

The best-priced parking option is the Value Long Term, which is located by the Templeton Canada Line Station. Travellers will only have to take the train for one stop and then the train takes them right to the airport. A shuttle is provided outside of TransLink hours. The price works out to $4.25 for an hour or $27.50 per day. 

Photo via Vancouver International Airport

If you simply want to drop someone off or pick someone up at YVR arrivals, you can have a look at the parkade availability before you head to the airport. There's also the cell lot, where you can wait to pick someone up if you're early. It's free, but drivers must remain with their vehicles.

Photo via Vancouver International Airport

Have a look at a video of what it is like to walk into the valet service for the JetSet YVR Parking service.