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Fill 'er up: This B.C. gas station has dropped to 91.8 cents per litre

Now, that is low.
Photo: gas pumps / Getty Images

Earlier this spring, a couple of stations in British Columbia were offering gas for as little as 69 cents per litre. After that, prices dropped even lower, with one station offering gas for under 64 cents per litre. However, the prices have been slowly climbing since then. 

And while it was possible to get gas for under a buck a litre in Vancouver in April, May prices have climbed past the dollar mark. With that being said, there are still a couple of places to purchase gas on the cheap in the province.

For example as of noon on Friday, May 29, the Tempo at 660 110th Ave near 6th Street in Montrose is offering gas for as little as 91.8 cents per litre. In addition, there are nice gas stations in Dawson Creek  offering gas for 92.9 cents per litre.

Right now, the cheapest gas in the City of Vancouver is at the Petro-Canada located at 2890 East Hastings and Renfrew Street. They are selling it for 109.9 cents per litre. shares the top ten lowest gas prices in British Columbia right now. The travel navigation app allows users to locate the cheapest gas anywhere in North America.


In 2019, most people would have scoffed at the notion that Vancouver gas prices would fall below a buck litre in 2020. However, prices continued to fall across the city. 

As of Sunday, April 12,  a number of stations in Vancouver were selling gas for as little as 85.9 cents per litre. In fact, a handful of them were still selling them early the following morning. However, prices had climbed up closer to 88 cents per litre later in the day.