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Fill 'er up: These B.C. gas stations have dropped under a buck a litre

That's more like it.
Gas station
Gas pumps. (Pixabay)

Want to fill up your tank without breaking the bank?

While you'll pay a pretty penny for gas in Vancouver, residents of the Okanagan Valley are enjoying the lowest prices in the province. In fact, four gas stations  in Penticton alone are currently asking under a dollar a litre.

The stations include: the Super Save at 101 Green Mountain Road and BC-97 at 98.9 cents per litre; the Canco at 1198 Government Street and Penticton Ave at 99.9 cents per litre; the Petro-Canada at 2903 Skaha Road and Green Ave at 99.9 cents per litre; and the Petro-Canada at 1090 Westminster Ave W near Eckhardt Ave W at 99.9 cents per litre.

Kaleden is also offering gas for under a dollar a litre at the Petro Canada at 210 BC-97 S near Larch Ave. has included these low-cost contenders in a top 10 lowest gas prices in B.C. list. 

gas-stations-pen.jpgPhoto: Gasbuddy

In comparison, Vancouverites will have to shell out substantially more, with the cheapest stations in the city starting at a whopping 130.9 cents per litre. In fact, only one station in the city is currently offering that price, with the second best price five rising cents higher to 135.9 cents per litre. 

gas-stations-vancouver.jpgPhoto: Vancouver