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This BMW driver was slapped with a $483 fine for going 134 km/h in a 50 zone

"Slow down and arrive alive."
Photo: @baldguy1363 / Twitter

A Vancouver driver was slapped with a whopping $483 fine after an officer clocked him going nearly triple the speed limit on Marine Drive. 

Vancouver Police Sergeant Mark Christensen tweeted about the incident on Monday, Feb. 3, noting that the driver was recorded going 143 km/h in a 50 zone. He adds that the penalty includes a staggering $483 fine as well as aa seven day impound. 

Christensen adds that the behaviour is, "No where near acceptable," and that drivers should, "Slow down and arrive alive."

Last month, Christensen tweeted about driving with a snow-covered car, highlighting that anyone caught doing so could get slapped with a hefty fine. 

The offence is called 'Drive While View Obstructed' and that it aplies to front, rear and side windows. So, just because your windshield is clear does not mean that you're in the clear

Driving with only a small portion of your windshield defrosted or scraped away is dangerous. In order to prevent snow from accumulating, Drive Smart BC notes that, "Covering the windshield with anything that keeps moisture away from it will prevent frost from forming on the outside. A tarp, blanket, towel or even cardboard will help reduce the work."

A traffic ticket for a violation of section 195(1)(b) MVA costs $109 and 3 penalty points.