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Driver catches Vancouver police SUV cutting them off on dashcam (VIDEO)

People aren't happy with the VPD on social media
The driver of the car had to stop suddenly.

A Vancouver driver had to hit the brakes hard last night when a police vehicle caught him off guard.

Driving home from work as he does most days, he was at the intersection of W 41st and Cambie streets close to 11 p.m. The intersection has been under construction for quite a while, and the driver (who wishes to remain anonymous) notes lanes have changed multiple times recently.

The video shows the light in the opposing direction is green at first and vehicles roll through normally. A pair of headlights pull to a stop as the light turns green for the driver, who pulls forward.

"When I started going forward I saw a car, I saw the headlights, but I didn't see it was a cop," he tells V.I.A.

Damn VPD, at least turn your strobe on if you are cutting me off lol from r/vancouver

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) SUV coming toward him pulled into the intersection and slowed; the video doesn't show a turn signal, and the driver doesn't recall seeing one.

Having a green light the driver accelerated into the intersection when the other vehicle decides to turn left, directly in front of the driver's car.

"I was going to honk, but I didn't when I saw it was a cop," he says.

He did have to hit the brakes hard enough to screech to a stop, the driver adds.

It was a scary moment and one he wasn't sure how to react to, given the fact it was a VPD vehicle.

He notes that he's not sure about the road the police vehicle went down, either, as there's a 'No Right Turn' sign facing the driver in the video.

Today he posted the video on Reddit where people have expressed anger with the police vehicle's driver. Others are uncertain about how the law pertains to police vehicles when they don't have flashing lights or sirens running.

V.I.A. has reached out to the VPD for comment.