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Environment Canada calls for snow in Vancouver this weekend

There's a strong possibility it will start tonight, too.
Environment Canada has included the chance of snowfall on several days in the Metro Vancouver weather forecast this week.

Vancouverites were treated to a magical, albeit short-lived, snowfall event earlier this week

Now, city-dwellers will have a couple of 'snow-pportunities' this week, as Environment Canada calls for the possibility of the frosty stuff on several days.

Starting on Friday, Feb. 12, however, Vancouverites will enjoy a splash of sunshine and a high of 1°C during the day. Following this, the forecast calls for a 70 per cent chance of light snow overnight and a low of -2°C. However,  tonight's 15 km/h winds will make temperatures feel more like a frigid -8°C.

During the daytime, Saturday's forecast includes a 70 per cent chance of snowfall, but the nighttime forecast calls for periods of snow. Sunday's forecast calls for a chance of snow during the day and rain or snow at night. 

While temperatures are expected to rebound next week, there are still a couple of snow opportunities heading out of the weekend. 

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast 

vancouver-weather-forecast-snow-tomorrow-city.jpgImage via Environment Canada

Armel Castellan, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told Vancouver Is Awesome in a previous interview that strong winds will make temperatures feel drastically colder for locals over the next couple of days, which is why the department issued an Arctic outflow warning. 

The warning is still in effect, and winds will continue through Saturday morning. That said, temperatures won't be as cold tonight as they were this morning when wind chill values ranged from minus 10 to minus 20 in Metro Vancouver.

Locals are advised to minimize exposed skin with hats, scarves and mittens or gloves. Ensure that shelter is provided for pets and outdoor animals.

Temperatures will begin to rebound over the weekend.