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This massive group of jokers descended on Vancouver over the weekend (VIDEO)

It was a weekend of clown fun.
Photo: TheBoffo / Reddit

Fans of Canada Sevens were treated to a number of incredible sights on and off the field in Vancouver over the weekend.

Not only did Team Canada win a bronze medal on the home pitch, but a number of dedicated fans also rocked extremely detailed, coordinated outfits. And while some of the groups were small, a few of the groups were larger than 20. 

For example, one of the most popular troops was an assembly of jokers who emulated Joaquin Phoenix's likeness in his Academy Award-winning role. The clowns were spotted sipping beers at BC Place on Saturday, March 7.

While they were a fan-favourite at the rugby game, the jesters were also spotted outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Reddit user TheBoffo shared a video of the jovial gang posing for a photo outside the gallery's front entrance. 
What a bunch of jokers from r/vancouver
A number of people commented that they had seen the clown crew at the game and around the city, and one person mentioned that they spotted them on the big screen at the match.