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Update: Medical emergency halted SkyTrain in Vancouver for several hours Monday

A medical emergency Monday morning took SkyTrain service offline for some downtown Vancouver stations.
Expo Line SkyTrain service was disruputed in Vancouver Monday morning due to a medical emergency. The Expo Line outage between Waterfront and Main Street-Science World lasted seven hours. Photo: stockstudioX

A medical emergency Monday morning took SkyTrain service offline for some downtown Vancouver stations for several hours Monday.

According to TransLink, the incident took place sometime after 6 a.m. Monday and initially affected the Expo Line between Waterfront Station and Stadium-Chinatown Station. However, the disruption was extended to Main Street-Science World Station. 

A bus bridge was put in place shortly before 7 a.m.

The Millennium Line and Canada Line were unaffected.

At around 1:20 p.m. TransLink announced that the Expo Line was back up and running. 

"The medical emergency on the Expo Line has been resolved and regular service is resuming," indicated TransLink in an email to media.