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Spring has sprung: Metro Vancouver forecast calls for highs up to 16°C today

Keep your sunglasses handy.
Photo: Sunshine in Vancouver / Shutterstock

The Metro Vancouver forecast calls for some warm, sunny weather for the first day of spring.

In fact, Environment Canada calls for temperatues to rise to a milder 16°C high inland on Thursday, March 19. However, temperatures closer to the water will likely see a high of 12°C. With this in mind, overnight tempertures will still dip down to a chilly low 1°C, so keep your jacket handy. 

The pleasant weather is expected to continue into Friday, with the forecast calling for sunshine and a high of 12°C except 16°C inland. Saturday is also expected to be sunny and clear, with with a slighter lower daily high of 11°C near the water and 15°C inland.

Following this, the forecast calls for a cloudy day on Sunday as well as rain on Sunday night. Monday is also expected to see periods of rain throughout the day.

The sun is expected to return Tuesday, with the forecast calling for a mix of sun and cloud. In addition, overnight temperatures are expected to dip down to freezing on Tuesday night.

Wednesday is expected to be sunny and clear with a high of 11°C.

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast


While Vancouver saw some frigid lows this winter as well as a whopping 34 cms of snowfall in only five days, the spring forecast looks decidedly milder.