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Brr! Vancouver temperatures to dip down to a frigid -7°C next week

It's going to get extremely cold.
Photo: Falling snow in forest / Shutterstock

While Vancouverites are known to complain about the city's 'wet cold,' temperatures are expected to drop quite low next week.

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for Coastal British Columbia for the start of the week, but a cold weather pattern is expected to move into the region starting Wednesday. 

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Matt MacDonald, Meteorologist, Environment Canada, about how low the temperatures are expected to dip.

"We haven't hit true arctic air yet this year - most of the flow patterns have been south westerly, which don't create very cold temperatures," explains MacDonald. "But temperatures are expected to drop this week."

And although Wednesday isn't expected to be frigid during the day, MacDonald predicts that temperatures could drop below freezing overnight. The forecast isn't calling for a great deal of rainfall that night, and clearer skies will allow for cooler temperatures. 

"Thursday night could see snowfall, as well as Friday night," notes MacDonald. "And temperatures could dip lower on Saturday to -3°C, with a chance of flurries on both Saturday and Sunday."

Macdonald adds that next week could bring some of Vancouver's coldest weather of the winter so far. He expects daily highs will hover around freezing, while daily lows could fall to - 6°C or -7°C. As such, he advises that people can save money on their BC Hydro bills by properly weather proofing their homes in advance. 

In the fall, Vancouver temperatures for Oct. 9 were recorded at their lowest in over 80 years at -1.4°C. The city hadn't seen an Oct. 9 so cold since 1935 - a whopping 84 years ago. Back then, temperatures dipped to 1.1°C. Prior to that, temperatures dipped to zero degrees in 1916.