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Mom accidentally locks baby and keys in car during warm North Vancouver morning

After exiting the car and closing the door, the mom immediately realized both her baby and her keys were locked inside.

Quick action on the part of a mother in North Vancouver and two nearby police officers managed to stave off a potentially serious situation after she accidentally locked her baby in her car Monday morning.

The woman was making a trip to Capilano Mall Monday morning and had just parked her car in the parking lot when the incident happened.

 Car door handle/ShutterstockCar door handle/Shutterstock

“She got out of her car and closed the car door and immediately realized she’d locked her keys in the car and left the baby in the back seat,” said Sgt. Peter DeVries, spokesman for the North Vancouver RCMP.

Luckily, police officers were already in the area on an unrelated call when the woman flagged them down.

The police officers called a tow truck and the driver quickly got the car door open.

“The baby was fine,” said DeVries.

Outside temperatures were edging up towards 20 degrees when the incident happened.

Concerns about leaving children unattended in vehicles were heightened recently after a toddler in Burnaby died after being left in a hot car for several hours.