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Watch these people struggle to push a Metro Vancouver bus up a hill (VIDEO)

Desperate times call for desperate measures..
People struggle to push bus up snowy Metro Vancouver hill. Photo: @callmezanne / Twitter

Wintry road conditions have prompted the Ministry of Transportation to advise Metro Vancouverites to stay off the road today. However, a number of people attempted their commutes this morning, but they might still be stuck on the road.

For example, at 9:05 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 15, @callmezanne tweeted a video of a large group of people struggling to push a bus up a snow-covered hill. She notes how a TransLink bus, "got stuck again," and that the city really doesn't know how to handle snowfall on the roads. 

In what appears to be a separate instance, @garbeigeartiste tweeted an image of a smaller group of people pushing an R5 Hastings RapidBus up a snowy hill. The would-be rider quipped, "@TransLink your toxic ex who says theyre gonna change but every time, it's the same old shit."

TransLink has declared Wednesday "an extreme travel day," and is advising would-be riders to "stay home where possible."

Some SkyTrain stations are closed, and some bus routes are completely cancelled.

Today is an extreme travel day; please stay home where possible. Bus & SkyTrain is significantly impacted and several Stations inc King George, Sapperton and Braid are closed due to inclement weather.Please view all alerts to see the impacts to your route.

- With files from Lindsay William-Ross.