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POV: You're cutting down a tree in Metro Vancouver, piece by piece (VIDEO)

Hope you don't have a fear of heights.
Matt Palmer's point of view during a job.

A warning, this might actually turn some stomachs if you're afraid of heights.

But if you've ever been curious about the point-of-view of an arborist cutting down huge trees in suburbia, this will satisfy that a bit.

Matt Palmer cuts trees down in people's backyards and recently decided to strap a camera to himself and share the footage on YouTube. In this recent video he's cutting down a maple in West Vancouver, starting at the top.

In the description of the video Palmer writes about 10 ft. was left when they were done.

The rest was cut down and lowered down by rope or tossed safely to the yard below. In the video you can see a second person in a neighbouring tree to help with rigging. As the video goes Palmer gets lower to the ground, but the pieces of wood get bigger.

This is the second video of this type that he's put on YouTube. A couple weeks ago the tree surgeon shared footage of a cottonwood coming down in Squamish.