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Suspect allegedly pulls knife on employee, steals 13 bottles of booze: VPD

The 13 bottles of alcohol she attempted to steal were worth almost $900.
Photo: Police tape / Getty Images

Vancouver police say an unlikely suspect walked out of a liquor store with 13 bottles of alcohol and allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened an employee.

Just before 9 p.m. on a recent evening, VPD officers were dispatched to a liquor store on Vancouver's west side. Police were informed by staff that someone had just walked out of the store with several bottles of alcohol.

An employee confronted the suspected thief, asking them to pay for the alcohol. The suspect allegedly pulled out a knife and pointed it at the employee, threatened to hurt them, then turned and fled.

After officers arrived at the store, they searched the area and found the suspect hiding in a lane. The suspect initially refused to identify themselves or provide any identification.

The VPD says that, "calls to a theft-in-progress aren’t all that unusual for police – even if the call escalates to threats of violence or a suspect produces a weapon."

Police state that what was unusual about this incident is that the suspect was a 15-year-old girl.

The suspect was arrested for theft, uttering threats, obstructing a peace officer, and assault with a weapon. The 13 bottles of alcohol she attempted to steal were worth almost $900.