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Seven Vancouver restaurants, six night clubs forced to close amid COVID-19 pandemic

Only 9 of 13 shuttered food and drink establishments have reopened: VCH report
Photo: Getty Images

Vancouver Health Authority (VCH) has forcibly shut down seven restaurants and six night clubs since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared for contravening Dr. Bonnie Henry's orders.

Only 9 of the 13 establishments have addressed the health and safety standards they violated enough to reopen, according to a VCH Sept. 8 report.

Vancouver restaurants that have been shut down by VCH include:

  • West Oak, 1035 Mainland St. (Reopened Aug. 24)
  • Fantacity, 1133 Robson St. (Reopened Aug. 26)
  • Hawksworth, 801 West Georgia St. (Reopened Sept. 1)
  • The Famous Warehouse, 989 Granville St. (Reopened Sept. 3)
  • The Parlour, 1011 Hamilton St. Babylon Cafe, 1156 Denman St.
  • Babylon Restaurant, 1162 Denman St.
  • Babylon Cafe, 1156 Denman St.

Vancouver night clubs or lounges that have been shut down by VCH include:

  • Pierre’s, 1035 Mainland St. (Reopened Aug. 24)
  • Ivy Lounge, 1161 West Georgia St. (Reopened Aug. 29)
  • York Room Pantry and Bar, 801 West Georgia St. (Reopened Sept. 1)
  • Studio Nightclub, 919 Granville St. (Reopened Sept. 4)
  • The Compound “The Heaven,” 1026 Granville St.
  • Banter Room, 1039 Mainland St.

VCH chief medical health officer Patricia Daly spoke of a shift in the demographics of COVID-19 transmissions within the region on Aug. 21.

Daly said, “we’re seeing transmission take place in nightclubs in particular, but also at bars and restaurants.”

“It’s the way people act and interact in these settings that’s problematic: sharing food and drinks, speaking loudly and in close proximity, if there’s background noise, and not social distancing among strangers, especially if they’ve been drinking alcohol,” the doctor continued.

"When people aren't taking measures to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 in these settings, it means more potential risk to the public."

As of Tuesday, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry called for the immediate closure of all nightclubs and standalone banquet halls in order to curb COVID-19 spread.