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A sex doll brothel might be opening in Vancouver, but should it?

While the idea may seem outrageous to some, sex doll brothel may be opening in the City of Vancouver this November and offer a range of choices.

 Photo: mannequins / ShutterstockMannequins / Shutterstock

While the idea may seem outrageous to some, sex doll brothel may be opening in the City of Vancouver.

A website called Bella Dolls has announced that they plan to open their services to the public starting on Thursday, November 1st; however, they state that the address will only be revealed upon booking. As a result, it is possible that it may not open. In addition, the business may not follow the city's entertainment bylaws.

"If you’re looking for pure indulgence, absolute freedom, and a way to make all your fantasies reality, then BellaDolls is the only place to be," reads the website.

"We offer you an experience like no other, one where YOU are in complete control.Forget the restrictions and limitations that comes with a real partner and UNLEASH with BellaDolls."

The site offers a number of "ladies" to choose from, and states that customers may rent them by the hour(s).

They also state that they, "understand that privacy is a key concern. To ensure that we uphold the privacy of each client, the entrance and exit locations are separated."

The Ethics of a Sex Doll Brothel

Of course, this type of interaction raises some problematic points. For one, many people feel that bringing this kind of service into the Lower Mainland is unethical. It encourages people to view sexually in an extremely objectifying way, as it completely removes the agency of the receiving individual.

With that being said, the dolls are inanimate objects, and therefore aren't sentient beings with feelings. Some people feel that having these outlets available may reduce rates of sexual assault, but there is no evidence available to support his opinion.

A similar business, called Aura Dolls, was meant to open in Toronto on September 8th; however, it was shut down a week prior to the opening date due to public outcry.