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Wait to fill 'er up: Vancouver gas prices expected to make significant drop tomorrow

Gas prices are dropping across the rest of the country, too.
Photo: Fuel pump / Shutterstock

Gas price analysts suggest waiting a day to fill up at the pumps in Vanouver as prices are expected to drop Wednesday. 

According to Dan McTeague, President, Canadians for Affordable Energy, formerly of, gas prices are expected to drop a whopping eight to 10 cents in a single day on Wednesday, Mar. 10. 

Gas prices are also falling across the rest of Canada, with many stations expected to sell below $1 a litre on Wednesday. 

Not only do British Columbians than other provinces pay more at the pumps, but they also pay a considerable amount more for regular fuel. For example, uses an interactive heat map to display the differences in retail fuel prices across Canada. By simply clicking on each province, the map shows the average fuel costs for each one.