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Man slides down Vancouver skyscraper in dangerous social media stunt (Video)

A video has been shared on Reddit of a rather reckless individual sliding down the roof of a Vancouver skyscraper near English Bay.

 keatonharaga / keatonharaga / Instagram

*UPDATE Friday, March 8 at 11:40 am: @keatonharaga has removed the sliding video from his Instagram account, as well as a number of photos.*

A video has been shared on Reddit of a rather reckless individual sliding down the roof of a Vancouver skyscraper.

Originally shared in January on Instagram, the video starts with a man leaning back to slide down the slanted roof. The camera's perspective shows English Bay as well as a number of soaring buildings lining the waterfront. However, the building that he is on appears to be just as tall, if not taller, than the others.

As a result of the building's height, as well as the lack of any safety devices, the video has garnered a great deal of concern. Known as 'rooftopping,' the attention-seeking behaviour has become a phenomenon on social media. In an attempt to get the most dangerous-looking perspective, a number of people have been injured, and, in some cases, died.

A number of Reddit users have also commented on the building's apparent lack of security, and question how the Instagrammer was able to access the rooftop.

A quick stroll through @keatonharaga's Instagram account shows a multitude of other risky photos, such as a few taken from the top of a bridge or sitting on the edge of a soaring building.

While a number of comments remark that he is brave, the Vancouver Police have stated that this type of risk-taking behaviour is unnecessarily dangerous and often illegal.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Jason Doucette, Vancouver Police, who explained his thoughts on the video.

"Rooftopping is very dangerous and can be criminal in nature. Examples of the types of criminal offences could be break and enter, mischief, etc," he said. "Not only are the offenders putting themselves at risk, they are also potentially putting the public and first responders in danger."

"If one of these people slips and falls, a first responder has to put their safety at risk to rescue the rooftopper. We encourage anyone who feels they are witnessing a criminal offence to contact their local police immediately."