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Check out Vancouver's trio of queer women cobblers (VIDEO)

Repairing a male-dominated industry. 👞 👢

A trio of East Vancouver women is hoping to repair the future of a traditionally male-dominated industry - cobbling.

Awl Together Leather is opening a new location near Commercial Drive on May 4, devoted to leather and footwear repair. 

As shoe repair shops continue to shut down across Metro Vancouver, ATL will become the city's only female and queer-owned source for leather garment alterations, redyes, custom leatherwork, plus bespoke shoes and boots.

Co-owner Ariss Grutter estimates eight local shoe repair businesses have closed during COVID-19, most due to retiring owners.

The tiny team is now refining a traditional craft using modern technology mixed with age-old equipment.

In order to offset the cost of opening a new space, the entrepreneurs are asking for community support through a Kickstarter campaign.

And in case you're wondering, an awl is a sharp, pointed tool used for piercing holes in leather.