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Vancouver YouTuber visits Costco to witness the Coronavirus crowds

Cosctco toilet paper pallets. Screengrab

YouTuber Steven Huynh is back with another video on his Stevo Canuck Channel.

You may remember him from his videos where he complained about snowsearched for bad drivers in Richmond, and showed us where all the crows go to each night as they congregate in the sky and head towards Burnaby.

In his latest, Steven (and his mom) head to Costco to see how the coronavirus is drawing crowds... and to buy cauliflower and instant Pho.

They visited the Burnaby location on Sunday at around 12:30 in the afternoon and it didn't appear to be very busy.

However a surprise in this video comes immediately after Steven says his "cheap" mom told him to put back a bunch of toilet paper because it wasn't on sale.