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Mini city: Inside the family business making models of amazing Vancouver buildings (VIDEO)

What is this? A centre for ants? 🏢

Life exists in miniature at one special Vancouver studio.

For over 30 years, AB Scale Models has been visualizing architecture in its tiniest form.

The company has collaborated with architects, developers, and marketing teams from around the world.

AB has created thousands of architectural models featuring some truly stunning designs.

One building model takes an average of three weeks to complete with a team of five to six people. Methods used include laser-cutting, 3D printing, and traditional hand-crafting for model assembly and little landscaping.

Husband and wife founders Ming Yang and Sharon Xie began in a basement on Mainland Street and eventually turned their humble origins into a thriving enterprise on 5th Avenue and Ontario Street. 

As Vancouver's real estate boom continues, so does their niche family business.

"Even [during] the pandemic last year, our company never stopped one day. We opened the doors every day because we still have lots of things going on," recounts Xie.

The pair remains exceptionally grateful for their partners, friends, and supporters along the way.

"We feel very lucky. Of course, we have to meet the client's deadline; still keep the quality, the service, the price. We have a great team; I'm very happy," says Xie.