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Should Vancouver host the 2030 Winter Olympics? (VIDEO)

Do you miss Miga and the gang?

Would you welcome back the Olympics, 20 years after we hosted the Winter Games?

Turns out a majority of British Columbians, albeit by a slim margin, support the idea of Vancouver making a bid for the 2030 event.

A new poll from Insights West finds 55 per cent of people support the idea, which also has the backing of John Furlong, the man mainly responsible for the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Not surprisingly, poll participants embrace the Olympics returning a bit more if they don't have to foot the bill.

Seventy-seven per cent of respondents support a bid if no public funding is necessary.

It also seems, regardless of support for the Games, B.C. residents feel another Olympics would bring economic and social benefits to the province.

According to Insights West, "A large majority believe hosting the games would create valuable jobs (83%), provide a post-COVID-19 boost to tourism (80%), provide excitement about something to look forward to (78%), provide a boost to the economy (76%), and result in infrastructure that would be used for years to come (76%)."

V.I.A. stopped by Olympic Village to ask some people what they think.