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This new Vancouver store lets you buy, sell, or trade your funky fashions (VIDEO)

Main Street just got a new destination for clothing and accessories. 👗

A brand new shop on Vancouver's Main Street is redefining recycled clothing.

Rewind Resale has expanded from White Rock and unveiled a second location, nestled between the Fox Cabaret and the Antisocial Skateboard Shop.

Owner Alexander Clarke opened on July 1.

The store specializes in masculine and feminine vintage, street, urban, and Y2K styles - basically anything from the 1970s to the present.

The business model is a unique one. Customers can buy, sell, or trade their various clothing, shoes, and accessories.

"I think it's a great way if you're not using the clothes anymore. We give it a better home and you make cash too; it's an easy process," explains Clarke.

Unaccepted items can be donated at the client's request. All unsold pieces are given to several charities, including the SOS Children's Village.

Clarke keeps shoppers informed and updated through Rewind's Instagram page.

He's thrilled to expand into the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and to contribute to the local economy through charitable partners, donation drives, and work placement programs.

"There's a lot of energy behind it and the neighbourhood is growing and that's exciting too. You do have that sense of community and people working together and people supporting local businesses, and that's why we're so grateful."

Clarke is hiring for various positions and encourages people to get in touch online if they are looking for employment opportunities.