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How this family-run Vancouver vintage clothing store is thriving (VIDEO)

One of Kingsgate Mall's hidden gems. 👗 👖

It's a treasure trove of vintage clothing just waiting to be discovered.

Nestled in East Vancouver's Kingsgate Mall is Stoxx Vintage, a family-run store specializing in all things old school.

Over the years, the mall itself has gained a reputation that precedes itself but for now, we'll focus on one of its denim-stocked denizens.

Tricia Hill, the store's co-owner, confirms it's one unique shopping destination.

"We have a lot of activity going on daily in the mall, some good, some bad; there's a lot of love."

Stoxx opened in Kingsgate six months before COVID-19 began making headlines, so it's been an uphill battle from the start.

Like so many local retailers, Hill has had to adjust to running the business during a pandemic.

"At first it was devastating of course, like everyone else, but we took to social media and we engage with our customers," says Hill.

The store itself has recently become popular in the community, thanks mainly to a snazzy Instagram account that showcases its wonderful wardrobes and one adorable son named Aiden.

For now, sales are steady at Stoxx and the loyal family remains grateful for all its supportive customers.

"We were welcomed in the Mount Pleasant area and we really greatly appreciate it."