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Vancouver's Van Gogh exhibition is the ultimate immersive experience (VIDEO)

The trippiest art show of the year. 🎨 🖼️

Past meets present in the latest art exhibition at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Imagine Van Gogh takes you inside the world of the renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

The show, which dazzled audiences when it debuted in France, fills 25,000 square feet of the venue. Over 200 of the famed artist’s paintings are projected on eight-metre high digital screens, accompanied by classical music from Schubert, Mozart, and more.

Paquin Entertainment Group's Justin Paquin adds, "In order to really understand and comprehend what this is, you have to be here in person to see it."

It's a contact-free experience - masks are mandatory - with limited capacity and timed entries. Imagine Van Gogh runs Monday to Friday until August 29th, between 9:00 a.m and 11:00 p.m. Tickets start at $33.99 (plus service charges and fees).