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Watch: An insider's look at life as a B.C. logging truck driver

While women make up nearly half of the Canadian workforce, only 3% of the trucking industry is female. Kaylee Roberts shares what life on the road is like as a truck driver.

"Driving a logging truck is probably one of hardest things you can do."

That's according to Kaylee Roberts, who hauls wood from Mackenzie to Prince George.

Roberts, who was born in Quebec, moved to B.C. when she was 17. She worked for five years as a fruit picker before qualifying to be a truck driver. 

Roberts told Glacier Media there "are not as many women as I'd like to see in the industry;" only 3% of Canada's trucking industry is female. She credits social media for allowing her to connect with other female truck drivers. 

Although Roberts loves the variety of wildlife she is able to witness, she laments that her job sometimes leads to animal causalities on the road.

Due to the size and speed of logging trucks, it's unsafe to swerve for animals. Just last week, she was unable to avoid hitting an injured moose on the highway. 

Find out more about Roberts's experiences as a logging truck driver on her Instagram and TikTok