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A rare double funnel cloud formation was spotted over B.C. (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

John Preissl spotted the double funnel cloud formation over the Salish Sea, near Halfmoon Bay, B.C., last week.
funnel clouds 1
This rare double funnel cloud formation could be seen from B.C.'s Sunshine Coast last week. Photo by John Preissl.

Seeing one funnel cloud is an exciting enough experience for British Columbians, but two is definitely a sight worth pulling out the camera for. 

John Preissl hit the weather-watcher jackpot when he spotted an exceptionally-rare double funnel cloud formation over the Salish Sea last week. He snapped these photos last Wednesday, May 20, from Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast. 

funnel clouds 2

Funnel clouds form as a result of condensed water droplets and a rotating column of wind, but don’t reach the ground or a water surface like a tornado would. 

“I only see these once every 10 years or so,” Preissl explained in an email to V.I.A, adding that the cloud formation he captured lasted for about 15-18 minutes.

funnel clouds 3

“Definitely good folk are witnessing some pretty spectacular natural phenomena during these [COVID-19] times,” he wrote.

Check out the videos below: