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Vancouver weather: The Weather Network releases long-term fall 2019 forecast for B.C.

According to The Weather Network, the fall Vancouver weather forecast calls for above average temperatures as well as wet weather and dry spells.

 Photo: fall in Vancouver / ShutterstockPhoto: fall in Vancouver / Shutterstock

Not ready for summer to be over just yet?

According to The Weather Network, summer may have ended early this year across parts of Canada. However, B.C., Alberta, and southern parts of Atlantic Canada are expected to see temperatures that will tip to the mild side of normal heading into fall.

And while B.C. is expected to see warmer than average temperatures for the fall season, the forecast notes that periods of colder than normal weather are also expected to occur. Nevertheless, the final numbers should be above average.

The forecast also notes that the expanse of unusually warm water off the Pacific Coast has buffered the coast with above average sea surface temperatures. While it had a somewhat funny name, ‘the Blob’ from five years ago disrupted the West Coast marine ecosystem and depressed salmon returns.

B.C.'s fall forecast also calls for above normal precipitation totals for coastal areas. With that in mind, The Weather Network notes that the fall is "notoriously wet" in B.C., and that the province isn't expected to receive more rainy days than normal. Further, the forecast calls for extended stretches of dry weather.

Periods of rainy weather are also expected to bring excessive rainfall totals with the potential to get a month's worth of rain in roughly a week.

The Weather Network adds that, "December is the biggest wild card for the winter." However, they also note that, once again, B.C. will tip to the mild side for the winter season.