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Here is when the fog is expected to transition to days of rain in Metro Vancouver

Rain or flurries are possible.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes fog, freezing temperatures, and a long stretch of rainfall in the week starting on Nov. 28, 2023

Fog might make its way out of the Metro Vancouver weather forecast -- but the skies aren't expected to be clear. 

As the foggy conditions clear at the midway point of the week, a parade of storms is expected to roll into the Lower Mainland, making temperatures warm up a few degrees with the cloud coverage. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Derick Lee told V.I.A. in a previous interview that the stretch of cold dry weather would likely run its course after Wednesday, Nov. 29, ushering in a pattern of wetter, warmer weather. 

But the temperatures might not warm up that much as the rainfall makes its way into the region. 

"The timing of the temperature change (to below zero) dictates the precipitation," he explained, noting that there was the possibility of snowfall depending on when the wet weather arrives. 

On Monday, Metro Vancouver was under an advisory due to a fog bank that was causing visibility to drop.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast 

Starting on Tuesday, V.I.A.'s UBC Weatherhood station shows a high of 4 C and an overnight low of 2 C. On Thursday, a storm is expected to bring rain and possible thunderstorms to the area, although temperatures aren't expected to deviate from the previous days. While temperatures look somewhat milder over the weekend, there is a possibility for flurries (although the snowfall won't stick if this does happen).

Other areas across the region, such as Richmond's Terra Nova neighbourhood, show colder conditions overnight, with temperatures falling to freezing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are also a couple of opportunities for snowfall on Thursday and Friday in some parts of Metro Vancouver.

Coquitlam Centre may see decidedly frigid conditions at the mid-way point of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to see temperatures dip down below freezing overnight to lows of -1 C. 

Photo by Weatherhood