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'Nothing too crazy' in Vancouver forecast this week

Showers are predicted on and off for the next few days.
Vancouver's forecast includes some rain and showers.

It seems Juneuary-type weather will be sticking around Vancouver this week, but nothing too extreme is expected.

The weekend's mix of sun and showers will continue through Sunday and Monday, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Yimei Li, but "nothing too crazy" is expected.

"There will be showers today, tonight and possibly into Monday morning," she tells V.I.A. Sunday, noting a high of 20 C or 21 C.

Things are predicted to clear up midday on Monday means and in the afternoon locals can expect sunshine in the latter half of the day, but that nice weather won't remain long.

"It'll be mainly cloudy on Tuesday," says Li. 

It won't be cool though, with a high of 20 C near the water and 24 C inland.

That'll change Wednesday, again, as up to 30 mm of precipitation is expected to fall in the region by Thursday morning Li says, though it'll come mostly as showers and not heavy rain.

"It does look like a decent amount of precipitation," she says.

That should slow down on Thursday, though, with a chance of showers throughout Metro Vancouver, but no serious precipitation. Currently the hope for the beginning of the long weekend is relatively warm trend, but Li says computer models aren't in agreement yet as this week sees a series of high pressure ridges and low pressure troughs passing Vancouver.

"There's still some uncertainty for the rest of the long weekend; different models are showing different things," she explains.