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Metro Vancouver may see a shift to heavy rain and possible thunderstorms soon

As much as 40 mm of wet stuff may fall in one day.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes significant rainfall and thunderstorms in mid-October 2023.

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes a mix of rain and sunshine -- but locals won't have to brace for extreme weather. 

Following a couple of tempestuous weather events in September, including a bomb cyclone that resulted in widespread power outages and travel disruptions, the beginning of October hasn't seen any particularly stormy moments. 

But there will likely be some rainy days following some mid-week sunshine in the region. 

Starting on Wednesday, Oct. 11, Weatherhood, V.I.A.'s weather forecasting platform, shows that Kitsilano Station is expected to see a high of 16 C and an overnight low of 11 C. 

Other places in the city, including Mount Pleasant, should see similar temperatures, with an expected high of 17 C and an overnight low of 10 C. Jericho will likely see a slightly cooler daytime high of 15 C, with an overnight low of 11 C. 

While daytime highs are expected to range between 15 C and 17 C right across the Metro Vancouver region, temperatures vary greatly across it depending on the time of day. As of 11:30 a.m., for example, the Coquitlam Centre station shows a temperature of 11 C, while Port Coquitlam has already climbed to 16 C. However, both places are expected to see a high of 17 C.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast 

Heading into the rest of the week, Thursday is expected to be mostly clear and sunny, with a high around 16 C falling to 9 C overnight. Friday has a slight chance of showers, but temperatures should increase a few degrees.

By Saturday, however, there is a good chance wet weather will return to the region, with a 57 per cent chance of showers. Sunday has an even higher chance of seeing some rain, and as much as 40 mm of wet stuff may fall throughout the day and overnight.

Monday may also see some showers, while Tuesday  has a 72 per cent chance of being wet. So far, there is a chance that a thunderstorm may roll in by that time, too.

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Photo via Weatherhood