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Vancouver weather: Rainfall to follow above-average temperatures

It's about to get hot before it gets wet.

The seven-day Vancouver weather forecast includes plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures but some raindrops may sneak into the mix over the weekend. 

V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station shows clear skies and a high of 22 C and a low of 15 C on Wednesday, June. 19 (see slide two).

Temperatures are expected to climb to a high of 15 C on Thursday and then to a weekly peak of 27 C on the summer solstice, Friday, June 21. 

These temperatures are several degrees above seasonal averages. According to Environment Canada's historical climate data, Metro Vancouver's average daytime high sits around 19.5 C with a low of 11.5 C.

Some clouds are expected to roll in overnight on Friday and Saturday's forecast includes a 31 per cent chance of very modest showers. 

Vancouver weather forecast

Sunday may also see some wet weather, with a 70 per cent chance of up to 7 mm of precipitation expected. Monday's forecast also includes a 64 per cent chance of approximately 4 mm of rain. 

Dry conditions are expected on Tuesday, with a high of 19 C and a low of 13 C. 

Environment Canada isn't expecting temperatures to deviate far from seasonal averages over the next couple of months in the Lower Mainland. While this doesn't mean some heat or cold weather isn't possible, conditions could follow historical trends. 

Traditionally, Vancouver starts to see its hottest temperatures and driest conditions by the second week of July. 

Stay up-to-date with hyperlocal forecasts across 50 neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland with V.I.A.'s Weatherhood.