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'It's going to be sunny for a while': Warm weather forecast for Vancouver after showers

Prepare for the heat later this week.
Sunshine will becoming this week in Vancouver.

After showers Sunday and Monday, the weather forecast for Vancouver is going to switch from Juneuary to sunny summer days.

A two-day period of grey skies and precipitation is expected to go from Sunday, June 16 through most of Monday, June 17 before things begin to clear up says Environment Canada meteorologist Louis Kohanyi.

"Most of the rain is going to be today," he tells V.I.A. on June 16, noting a high of 15 C is expected.

That said, there will still be a 30 per cent chance of showers across Metro Vancouver on Monday, June 17 he adds. And while temperatures will be a bit warmer, they won't quite reach the normal for this time of year, which sits at 20 C.

However, Monday afternoon the grey skies will begin to give way to some sunshine, which will be the beginning of a shift to warm temperatures well above normal. Tuesday should be clear but not quite as warm as later days as that transition takes place.

"We're looking at warmer than normal beginning on Wednesday," says Kohanyi. "We're looking at the beginning of a warming trend on Wednesday."

At least for days of sunshine and blue skies are forecast currently, and by Thursday temperatures will be hitting 25 C near the shore and 29 C inland; Weatherhood forecasts show some inland neighbourhoods may even reach 30 C less than a week after struggling to hig 15 C.

While it'll get hot, the heat isn't related to the American heatwave.

The weather by next weekend is a bit uncertain, Kohanhi notes, with a chance for clouds to return to the area.

"It's going to be sunny for a while," he says. "There's, potentially, on Sunday a chance of showers, but the forecast could change."