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Will Metro Vancouver have a second opportunity for snowfall?

Snow may be in the cards for locals hoping to see some frosted flakes.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes a possible Arctic outflow warning but there may be a couple of opportunities for snow in January 2024.

It doesn't look like Metro Vancouverites will face much snowfall ahead of this week's extreme cold — but they may have another frosty moment in the following one.

Environment Canada isn't expecting much snow to fall in places at sea level in the Lower Mainland. There might be some flurries during the day and into the evening on Thursday, Jan. 11 but no significant amounts are expected to accumulate. 

Arctic air will make its way into the region Thursday night, with temperatures dipping to a bone-chilling -9 C. While Friday's forecast includes the week's coldest temperatures, conditions are expected to be dry. A high of -9 C is expected during the day with temperatures falling to -13 C overnight, according to V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station

Environment Canada' meteorologist Armel Castellan said the temperatures come with the first true arctic air of the season, noting that Metro Vancouver "hasn't had a winter yet." 

While the cold weather event will create dangerous conditions for locals, particularly unhoused people and other at-risk groups, snowfall isn't expected to be possible again until the weather starts to warm up.

Saturday's forecast includes a frigid low of -12 C but the daytime high is expected to be significantly warmer. The warming trend is expected to continue, with temperatures increasing by several degrees heading into the start of next week.

Castellan says cold weather events associated with arctic air create the ideal conditions for snow in places at sea level. To receive snowfall, the freezing temperatures need to be matched with some Pacific moisture.

At some point next week, the southwesterly flow could bring the possibility of the white stuff. The snow event is expected to occur overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday but there isn't a great deal of certainty about the timing of the event. 

The national weather department will continue to update its forecast closer to the possible frosty event.