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Heatwave in US expected to reach Canada but not B.C.

However, there will be warmer days in Vancouver shortly

A massive heatwave covering much of the eastern and southern regions of the USA will not reach B.C. according to Environment Canada.

Heatwaves are hitting a huge section of the USA right now, with heat warnings ranging from Arizona to New York. That heat is expected to drift farther north in some areas, but it won't be coming to B.C. says Environment Canada meteorologist Louis Kohanyi.

"We're not expecting a heat wave," he tells V.I.A.

While warm weather is on the way for the region, it's not associated with the American heat wave.

That said, some Canadians will likely feel some of that heat.

"We're looking at potential a heat event in southern Quebec," Kohanyi says. "And it's going to begin on Monday."

Temperatures there are expected to reach 35 C; a special weather statement has been issued for some areas, including Montreal where 35 C is forecast for Tuesday, June 16. Normally it's 23 C.

However, that heat won't spread west, though temperatures are expected to rise here.

"It's not related," says Kohanyi. "The next upper ridge is coming for the Pacific."